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Mission Statement

iTouches is fast becoming a ‘Sports Social Enterprise’ which makes a difference. It aims to promote positives outcomes of health, wellbeing, family and social cohesion to individuals, families and community groups through involvement in sports participation.

We as iTouches Charity provide a creative and innovative sports platform and by promoting health and fitness. We also assist people into employment and empower youth to become entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

Aims & Objectives

  • We aim to provide a healthy and active community hub to empower young people and families.
  • We work with other charities and local organisation to promote and integrate social equality, growth and innovation within communities.
  • We provide a social enterprise platform to empower adults and young people to be creative and entrepreneurial to gain employment or engage in a business start-ups.


  • We will provide free or low cost indoor sports facilities to young and disadvantaged people, other charities and associations within our community.
  • We hope to achieve community cohesion by creating a common vision and sense of belonging for everyone and by providing similar life opportunities for people from different backgrounds.
  • We will develop a road-map for charities, other organisations, associations or individuals to develop a social enterprise business model within the iTouches facilities.
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  • Providing space to develop new innovative entrepreneurial ideas around fun, fitness and families.
  • To provide a facility to encourage engagement between different social communities.
  • Offer local enterprises a platform to flourish.