Turning your online games into a fun offline life 
Are online games an important part of your life? Would it be fun to turn them into real life?
You might be surprised to find out what you are missing! It’s also a superb way to bring together your family and friends while building something that you can be proud of.

Opportunity gateway 
I-Touches can show you how to turn mobile phone games into real adventures.
Its great fun! And you never know where it may lead to next.

More than half of young people today under the age of 10 own a mobile phone.
Over 15% say they would go without food or sleep to spend more time on it.
A quarter spend some four hours a day interacting on their mobiles.

Half full, not half Empty 
Is this a bad habit or an opportunity?
We think it can be the latter. If you can’t beat them, join them.
We work with young people to understand what games they spend time on and why.
Then we help them to live a version of the same game in the real world, with many surprising and happy outcomes.
All online games can be transposed into real life and played with lots of physical movement, exciting exercise and the joy of mixing with people you like, rather than the isolation of a small screen.
We don’t think it’s helpful to criticise young people for being attached to their mobile devices.
Instead, we offer something that becomes equally engaging and involves more people.

When duty calls 
For example, we turned the game “Call of Duty” into “Ball of Duty”, a real life game bringing kids and parents together with fun that they probably haven’t enjoyed for quite a while. Everyone wins.
Breaking the pattern may need the extra push that I-Touches can provide.
Turning software into sport – yes, for Mum too – may nudge young people towards new opportunities, including building their skills, a natural flair for coaching, or leadership roles.
And who know where that could eventually lead?

More support 
Innovation is an important I-Touches’ gateway. With the help of local companies and social organisations, we can help to turn something that you are already good at into something which takes you much further in life.

Get in touch with I-Touches 
If you, or anyone you know, has an online game that they want to make real, either come and see us or give us a call.

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