Very professional volunteers wanted

//Very professional volunteers wanted

Very professional volunteers wanted

There is no denying that charities have to compete on very business-like terms if they want to succeed in the present climate.

There is an upside, however.  Thinking like a business makes us think efficiently.

I-Touches can’t afford to waste resources. It would be ethically wrong to do so. However, there are implications for the way we work.

Volunteers are lifeblood to community projects. Organisations such as I-Touches thrive on the enthusiasm that individuals and organisations bring to our cause.

Because the world is so competitive, we depend on the highly-professional skills of volunteers such as website developers who give their time and expertise freely in many specialist areas.


Chance to make a difference

However, like any business, I-Touches must delivery. We aren’t a soft touch. We can’t afford to be. We aren’t here to ‘have a go’. We’re here to succeed.

That said, we’re delighted to hear from commitment people who understand our aims, can work to a brief and we know will deliver on time every time.

And that’s the basis of strong future partnerships.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a remuneration at this point. But we can provide great learning and rewarding experiences for people who want to work us for the right reasons.


Why you might want to become involved

As a major Glasgow-based charity, I-Touches is already pulling together many exciting and engaging community activities literally under one giant roof.

Deeply-rooted in sports, the I-Touches Skills Academy is turning one of Scotland’s largest buildings into a multi-use community centre for Castlemilk residents in Glasgow south to build their dreams.

Its development team believes there is huge potential for many other organisations to share that same roof, plus a much more joined-up business-style approach to success.



I-Touches would like to hear from people with the following skills: – Management/Administration/Operations; Marketing, communications and Campaigning; Policy Research and Development , Fundraising; Grants and Funding Application Advisers


Room for the right people

I-Touches Ambassador, Michael Sinclair, explains that there is always room for talented and committed volunteers to give up their time and work alongside the charity’s extremely high-powered, broadly-experienced an and well-connected development team members.

Together, they can expect to make a difference and forge a reputation for excellence in one of Scotland’s most prestigious charity and community projects.

Because of I-Touches size, scope, reach and influence, this is also an opportunity to come into contact with and help many other organisations that will reciprocate over time.


Not a goal to miss

Sinclair explains, “The people we are looking for don’t have to have mind-blowing skills, even though with I-Touches they may be working alongside professionals from the world of business, or with high-level political and community connections.

“We’re keen to talk to people, for example, with good web skills who would like to help us develop a great website and publicity-marketing operation.

In place of an income, we can offer contacts, connections and testimonials that will help the right people advance their careers. But a commitment to the I-Touches ethos comes first.

“What is much more important to us is that they do what they promise to do on time to the quality levels promised. It’s best if they share the ideals and aims that we share. That means taking ownership and driving the project through to its conclusion.

“We may not be out to make a profit but we are out to make a difference. That’s our business bottom-line!”


Note for Editors

I-Touches is backed by the Scottish Government, European Union and the Europe & Scotland Europe Social Fund. It is an evolving community initiative with a very strong sports theme designed to bring together individual, family, business and community members.

The I-Touches Skills Academy non-profit making and provides mentoring and recreational facilities – plus the organisation of recreational activities – to improve life conditions for the local Castlemilk community. It has a strong focus on the young, disable, unemployed, elderly and under privileged.

While sport is a central unifying theme, the I-Touches’ philosophy is to encourage a much wider range of community activity in four main areas – Innovation: Sports: Social: Enterprise.



For more information, please contact: –

Michael Sinclair – I-Touches Ambassador, The I-Touches Skills Academy

Mob – 07718 476095

24 Boswell Square, Hillington Park Glasgow G5 4BQ

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